Our Story

Chances are you’ve been hit by a skimmer. The reason is simple: they’re everywhere. We were tired of getting ripped off, so we set out to better understand the problem. Then we made the Skim Reaper. It specifically targets overlay and deep-insert skimmers, quickly letting you know if the terminal has a skimmer. Curious how it works?

The Skim Reaper was designed with award-winning academic research, including a comprehensive breakdown of real skimmers. We have shipped prototype devices around the United States and these have successfully identified skimming devices in the field.

We’re embarking on our next adventure: getting them into your hands. If you’re curious when you can get one, make sure to sign up for our pilot program and check our blog for production updates!


We have been extremely fortunate to partner with law enforcement throughout the course of our efforts. We are particularly grateful to the Financial Crimes Task Force of the New York City Police Department (NYPD).

Our current partners are law enforcement agencies, banks, large retailers, gas stations, among others. We are in the process of manufacturing; if you’re interested in being part of our pilot program, please sign up for updates using the link at the top of the page!