How It Works

The Skim Reaper is built using award-winning scientific research to detect skimmers by identifying when the card is being read more than once.  The Reaper quickly and accurately lets you know when more than one reader is present, letting you know that your data is safe.


Insert the card

The Skim Reaper is a card that's swiped or dipped into the payment terminal, just like a credit card.


the skim reaper identifies multiple reads

In a normal terminal, a single head passes over the magnetic stripe on the card to read the data.  Skimmers add a second head; when the card is inserted, both the skimmer and the terminal read the card.  The Skim Reaper identifies when more than one read is occurring.


Get on with your day

The Skim Reaper notifies you if the terminal has been fit with a skimmer. The whole process takes about as long as swiping a credit card, so you can get back to business quickly.

It's that simple.