Skimming 101


Skimmers want the data on your payment cards.

The cards in your wallet contain valuable data like your name and your account information.  Criminals can use this to empty your bank account or buy goods and services.  It's essentially free money (to them) and you may use your cards several times a day, making it hard to know who or what has seen your card.

Skimmers look and feel normal.

These devices are placed onto or inside of machines you use every day: ATMs, gas pumps, and signature pads at stores.  They're designed to make you feel safe and not arouse suspicion by looking exactly like the machine you're using.  On the back side, however, skimmers reveal their secret.  They are purpose-built to steal the data on your cards.

Skimmers work.

The reason this problem continues to plague us is simple: skimmers work.  Even trained experts have difficulty spotting these devices and criminals move them from place to place to avoid detection.  Worse, it might take weeks or months before your data is used, ensuring you never know where it happened.

Skimmers can't hide from the Reaper.

We know they work, but more importantly we know how they work. We've designed the Skim Reaper to detect when more than one reader is present, instantly letting you know there's a problem, so you can feel confident your money is safe.